Jointly Owned Property “Indre Vågen”

(Sameiet Indre Vågen)

Reference is made to the bye-laws of ”Sameiet Indre Vågen” as approved by the joint owners at the inauguration of ”Sameiet Indre Vågen”.

To create and maintain the best possible living environment, all residents are requested to comply with the following Rules of General Conduct:

1. General Duties

All owners/residents must keep their individual section/appartment, incluvie of terrasse/balcony and store room in a tidy condition, such that no damage, inconveniance or disturbance is conflicted upon other owners. Each individual owner is liable to pay damages to other owners for any situation that may occur due to inadequate maintenance and cleaning.


2. Noisy activities

Each owner shall show conideration to activites that may cause noise. In particular owners are requested to refrain from noisy activities in the period between 11:00 p.m. and 07:00 a.m.


3. Locking and closing of doors. Keys

All inhabitants shall ensure that all main entrance doors and doors and gate to parking area are closed and locked at all times, unless the doors are kept under constant supervision. Internal doors also function as fire doors and should therefore also be kept closed. Should a key be lost, the security services company FALCK may be contacted; they will assist you in opening the main entrance door as well as the door to individual appartment. FALCK will demand that residents show personal identification papers corresponding to the name on the apartment entrance door.

4. Waste disposal

All waste are to be separated and grouped by its origin (paper, organic and ”other”) and placed in the corresponding waste disposal containers placed at the eastern wall of Havnegt. 11 and at the western wall of Havnegt. 13. The containers can only be opened by applying the key/chip which has been given to each owner. Glass-, metal- and plastic waste should be placed in separate waste containers at municipal waste disposal stations. Such station is available e.g. at Mega Brueland. Special waste (paint, chemicals, batteries) shall be placed in the small red containers placed in the stairways or delivered directly to IVAR’s waste disposal station at Stokka/Forus.
Ïf a new key to the waste disposal are needed please contact the service senter in Sandnes Kommune.


5. Cleaning of Common Areas

The Board of the ”Sameiet” will organise cleaning of common areas, such as stairways, halls, parking area and external areas. This also applies for windows belonging to such areas.


6. Storage

Storage of any and all private effects shall take place inside individual apartments or in the individual store room. Please pay attention to tidiness, security and potential smell. Some apartements share storage facilities and therefore requires extra attention to tidiness.

7. Use of common area and common facilities

Common facilities must not be used in such a way that their use is obstructing or is of disadvantage to other residents. This is e.g. applicable to the elevator that cannot be ”reserved” for use by individual owners.

Common stairways and shared hallways outside individual entrance doors shall not be used as a wardrobe, but certain pieces of furniture may be placed there and pictures may decorate the walls of such hallways provided that all owners who share such hallways agree.

Smoking in stairways, elevator and parking garage is not allowed. Furthermore, it is not allowed to park bicycles (neither own nor guests) in the stairways.

8. Use of terraces/balconies.

When using private terraces/balconies, residents should show consideration to neighbours. Beating carpets and rugs is not allowed. Feeding of birds is not allowed! Barbequing is allowed, provided owners use electrical or gas grill and provided that barbequing is of no disturbance to others.

Drying laundry on the balcony is allowed provided the size of the ”clothes horse” does not exceed the height of the railing and the clothes horse is placed in a manner minimizing visibility from street or quay.


9. Parking

Cars can only be parked in allocated spaces. ”Pool- space” can only be occupied by residents of the following apartments:

Havnegata 11: H0101, H0103, H0106, H0201, H0203, H0206, H0301, H0303, H0306, H0401, H0403, H0501, H0503 and H0506.

Havnegata 13: H0103, H0104, H0106, H0205, H0305, H0405, and H0505.

All cars parked in a pool-space must have a valid wafer visible on the front window. Should any car be parked unlawfully on a pool-space, and it is not known who the car owner is, the incident may be reported to the Board.

10. Sunshields

Should any owner whish to install external sunshields, one must use the type and colour decided by the Board. Offer for external “Venetian Blinds” is in hand from the company Espenes AS.


11. Keeping pets

It is allowed to keep a dog or a cat, but only if this is of no disturbance to other owners.

12. Maintenance

Maintenance of common areas will be organised by the Board following decisions by all owners at a joint owners meeting (”sameiemøte”). Each owner shall only execute maintenance, refurbishment and changes to surfaces inside own apartment. Reference is made to the bye-laws, section 5.

Sandnes June 18. 2012.

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